wool and cotton threads, copper 

weaving, installation



This work was part of my solo show named TRA which opened in October 2023. at Museum Terra. The exhibition was interwoven within terracotta sculptures, the permanent residents of the space. Numerous artists from all over the world created these sculptures - over forty years of creation - using only fire and earth. It is the biggest terracotta sculpture collection in Europe. My works were only temporary visitors.

I aimed to create works that can communicate with the space and it's permanent tenants, and yet, not draw too much attention to themselves or clash with what is already there. They are imagined as guests, only staying for a period of time.

An exhibition within an exhibition.

Jovana Simovski wrote for this occasion: “… These images remain untouched by language, although there are traces of white skeletons of consonants deep in all the blacks, while all the whites are a living, breathing tissue of vowels, sung pristine and pure. A soft and tender sound accompanied by a rhythm mutually shared envelops them entirely. They modulate incessantly into one another. If each were a note, it would stand out and circulate the space around the common center and could be held on one’s palm until it disappeared. I can sense the dedication and time put into shaping them into what they have become. They multiply with the time I take to stand and observe, they multiply with time immemorial. I take a look in between and from both sides simultaneously, anticipating tension, but receiving a question instead. How can I widen these lines and let the light through?…”

You can read her full text about the exhibition here.

All photos were taken by Marijana Janković.