Emilija Radojičić is a Serbian artist based in Belgrade. Her recent work revolves around the interplay of art and design while exploring the spatial aspects of drawing, textiles and sculpture through different mediums and materials. Emilija initially started with drawing, exploring her inner worlds and continued further with abstraction, lately largely interpreted in tactile and three-dimensional works.

Since her first weaving experiments in 2014., her work has grown immensely and transformed physically. Emilija uses her artistic curiosity as a starting point for showing her inscapes, as well as advancing into the world of three-dimensional drawings and spatial installations. Regardless of the medium that currently captivates her (but does not define her artistic practice) curiosity as a driving force is not determined by the medium and can be accomplished in drawings, woven and textile pieces, sculpture, installation…

By now she has had solo and group exhibitions, audio-visual performances, collaborations and publications with different artists, curators, institutions, galleries and brands.

Emilija founded ETAR studio in 2019.